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Granger Plastics Company, originally established in 1994 by John Grimes, a 40 year leader to the Rotomolding market. His father, John Grimes Sr., was among the original trailblazers for materials to the Rotational Molding sector. Inside of 2 years of Granger Plastics start-up, it quickly outgrew its original Sharonville, OH place. In 1996, calling for a bigger production facility and even more warehousing area, Granger Plastics soon relocated to Middletown, OH another Metro Cincinnati-Dayton area suburb.

John Grimes, Rotational Molding John Grimes

(left)John Grimes with some Rotationally Molded products from the Olympic Summer Games;(right)Granger Plastics facility during a time of explosive growth;

Thru continued growth of Granger Plastics, the plastics business had started to out grow its reasonably brand-new address. In 1998, it was identified that Granger Plastics would be forced to make big capital expenditures, expanding its company and capacities at its relatively brand-new address. The additonal capacities, devices and added consumer base would need adding another principal to the business. The partner was a highly pursued, partner of Mr. Grimes past in Rotational Molding. The new partner, Jim Cravens, would be brought in at a critical juncture in Granger Plastics already short history. It was a special duration of modification at Granger Plastics Company, as possibilities originated from new directions.

Jim Cravens, Rotational Molding, Jim Cravens, Rotomolding

plastics molding diversity

aerospace, defense, safety, material handling and much more!

Prior to 2000, Granger Plastics Company had actually already begun recognizing that it would be necessary to expand once again to its just recently gotten Middletown, OH location. Granger Plastics was shipping parts all over the world and would assist to innovate a wide array of sectors, with fresh new ideas and innovations. In 2002, John Grimes, after nearly 50 years of effort and devotion to the Rotational Molding sector and bringing Granger Plastics Company to a level of international promenience, John Grimes would choose to retire. This would leave Granger Plastics Company under the direction and guidance of Jim Cravens.

Granger Plastics Company, has actually garnered international promenince as a custom Rotational Molding Business, producing a large number of custom plastics solutions for a wide variety of worldwide industry leaders. These businesses display a wide range of market leaders in a wide range of sectors ranging from Aerospace and Commercial Airlines, Defense and Security, Chemical Manufacturing, Intermediate Bulk Containers, Material Handling Carts, Memorial Products and so much more. Granger Plastics Company also executes a number of material conversions for OEMS and businesses who want to improve their items by converting them from metals, fiberglass or various other materials to plastic products such as polyethylene and polypropylene. Granger Industries is a globally recognized leader in Rotational Molding. Rotational Molding, or Rotomolding, is a plastics molding procedure that is produces large, resilient hollow items, that have some of the most long lasting physical homes of any type of man made products.

Granger ISS Tornado Shelter, Granger Plastics Company Shelter, Granger ISS Storm Shelter

Granger ISS Storm Shelter being installed at a leading International Agricultural suppliers facility

Granger Plastics IBC Container, Granger Plastics Intermediate Bulk Container, Granger Plastics IBC

Granger Plastics IBC Containers feature a Powder Coated Steel Frame and a Rotomolded Tank

Granger Plastics Company has actually dealt with a number of industry leaders to convert existing items or parts of products into plastic materials. Numerous of these conversions have actually sprung from OEMS who are experience an increase in their products quality and sturdiness by transforming from either metal based products such as stainless steel or aluminum. Granger Plastics Company also generally converts items and components from Thermoset products, such as Fiberglass, Polyesters and more.

Granger Plastics Company has just recently gathered international attention after converting a very large fiberglass product to a much more long lasting, rotationally molded plastic product. The conversion from a fiberglass product to a plastic product has actually supplied a remarkable boost in maintenance cost savings for one of the globe's leaders in luxury automobile transportation.

Read the full Fiberglass to Plastics Conversion Press Release Here!

Plastics Conversions, Convert to Plastic, Fiberglass Nose Cone Converted to Plastics

"Having introduced the world's first all-polyethylene rear trailer 'cone' as the replacement for 'cones' that have historically been fiberglass, we are pleased to advise that the new PolyCone produced by Granger Plastics Company is performing well in the field: Better impact resistance, better scuff resistance and lower cost. When a PolyCone is dented in the field, we just push it back into its original shape and send our enclosed car hauling equipment back on the road. Damage to fiberglass has always required bodywork to repair. We are pleased with the results of our material conversion project with GPC."

    Jim Prang
    Director of Maintenance
    Precision Motor Transport Group
    Okemos, MI


For more information on Granger Industries, please visit Granger Industries

For more information on Granger Industries, please visit Granger Plastics



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